GBI Branding Video

GBI, a well-known company across the catering industry (Doubl Group) and the pharmaceutical industry (Tianjin Tongrentang & Henry Blooms, Australia), hired us to create a corporate brand promotional video. At first glance, Tianjin Tongrentang and the Australian native vitamin brand Henry Blooms have no connection, but when the people in the video all use the same message "I'm a believer", the are all connected throughout the film in their pursuit of high-quality raw materials for healthy vitamins. It not only conveys the interpretation of a new era, new ideas and new challenges by the GBI, but also explains the secret of its success.

In order to convey the characteristics of GBI as a multinational company, the film not only incorporates Chinese elements, but also adds local Australian elements. In order to make the audience feel the powerful strength and credibility of GBI, we are showing a lot of shots of the pharmaceutical factory and the drug making process.

GBI Henry Blooms Branding video