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From ordinary to extraordinary: A great leader knows how to help others--Wendy Wang

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Lucky Life

To the most of people, Wendy must be the lucky girl.

She is always the recommended student who’s never been through a stressed exam. Once upon graduating from the university, Wendy had already been the program producer in Beijing TV Station.

Then, Wendy came to Australia and started her career in financing industry with an MBA degree. Now, she has got into the management of Westpac, one of the top 4 Australian banks, as a China-born Chinese.

Wendy is the leader of Westpac Premium Banking. This 17-person team provides customized services to the individuals with over AUD 150,000 of annual salary, the families with over AUD 200,000 of annual salary, or the high-end customers with large business demands.

A woman is going upstairs
Wendy Wang

Enjoy the meeting!

Friday is the day on which Wendy and her team have their regular meeting. When we got into the conference room, there had been a full room of people. Some members were working on the computer, while others chatting with each other, waiting for Wendy.

We thought the whole room would have been silent after Wendy arrived, but it didn’t happen. The overall atmosphere was not as serious as a work meeting at all.

Wendy enjoyed the time she spent with her team, making the conference room cheerful. She would ask the holiday arrangement of members and the anniversaries next week.

To Wendy and her team, the meeting is more like an opportunity for everyone gathering together to talk about their work and life.

Social can be a big thing

Working for 12 years in Westpac, Wendy has been used to chatting with everyone for a while. “Have you solved your problem?” “Did your client give you a hard time?” …… It seems that Wendy knows everything of everyone in Westpac.

“At the end of the day, we are people.” Oriented by people, Wendy takes social as the working habit and the management secret.

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Wendy always cares about people’s needs, no matter they are her team members, clients, or her colleagues. “People will only be open to you when you know how to listen to them. My clients, colleagues, team members, and people from other teams are all willing to talk with me and seek advices from me.” Wendy becomes a tree hole due to her sincere care.

With the sincerity, Wendy has established a huge social networking which, in turn, helps her own team in both communities and the company. “I’d like to provide as many as resources to my team and clients with my networking.”

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Wendy is working

The power of support

Wendy’s team has been dependent on Wendy because she always helps every team member find their own direction.

“The bank pays greater attention to services, rather than performance,” Wendy introduced, “One team member served several clients before, but now three to four members will form a spot to serve more clients, providing better experiences. To our clients, signing a contract with Westpac means several exclusive financial managers at once.” In such a model, the primary task of Wendy becomes motivating everyone and letting them trust and help each other. “I need to help each person set and reach their own goals and accomplish their values.”

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Wendy’s philosophy of management is actually inspired by her ex-boss. “When I was a relation manager, my boss asked me stand in his role when he’s on leave. That experience drove me to the management,” Wendy told us, “he is my mentor who led me to the place I belong to.”

Now, Wendy has become the mentor of others. “I have a colleague who was very negative due to the poor performance.” Even in such a status, Wendy still discovered (his) potential and encouraged him to strive for the management. “Just in 8 months, he has grown as a Branch Director.” Wendy as a leader has been able to find her values by helping others achieve themselves.

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A people person

Wendy almost has no distance from her team due to the generous help she gives. So, when asking the opinions about Wendy, all the team members say something highly about her.

“I never met anyone who doesn’t like Wendy,” Jay Mi said, “the team Wendy led before is still speaking highly of her after she left.”

“Wendy always supports us by sharing experiences and helping us achieve our goals,” Andy thinks Wendy is very good at directing the whole team.

“Wendy is the best boss I’ve ever met,” Peng, who has been working in Westpac for 18 years, greatly appraised Wendy.

“Wendy gives us absolute trust.” Sophie sounds very satisfied with the management of Wendy.

Social may be a way of entertainment for many people, but the social person, Wendy turn social to a tool in the management. “Next, I hope my team can be the premium banking team with the greatest reputation in the banking industry. With face privilege, “my biggest motivation in the work is the recognition from others,” Wendy said. It is certain that Wendy’s team will enjoy the same privilege due to the considerate and professional services under the direction of Wendy in the near future

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