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5G will Take Us into Science Fictions

Almost everyone is embracing 5G era. From cellular phone in 1G era, to the Global System for Mobile in 2G era, smart phone in 3G era, and the we-media in 4G era, the technological revolution in each era will witness the transformation in our daily life.

We’ve expected 5G for a very long time, but the only advantage of 5G the most people know is the fast speed. However, 5G has more profound impact in us except it can complete the download of a movie in seconds.

Conceptual image of 5G era

The life dominated by videos

Short videos prospering at the end of 4G era is still in its good momentum while the fast speed of 5G will further promote the spread of videos. 5G era will be an era dominated by videos.

According to Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019-2023 released by PcW, video advising is expected to grow in the next five years and the online video production will grow by dozens of times every year. Up to 2021, the advertising industry in Australia will reach the scale of AUD 17.3 billion. As the online search advertising tends to be mature, advertisers will further explore channels for video advertising.

Video advertising will grow fastly

In How 5G Will Transform the Business of Media and Entertainment published by Intel and Ovum, the growth rate of mobile media and mobile display represented by video will be up to 95% and 114%, respectively, in the next ten years.

The burst of traffic flow brought by 5G give more reasons to heavy internet addicts for internet surfing. Intel and Ovum expect the monthly traffic volume per capita of 5G users in 2028 will be up to 84.4GB, including 90% for video watching.

Market Transformation Opportunity by Media Segment, Global, 2019-2028

You’ll be the lead in videos

The dividends from short videos draw more attention from various brands and such attention will further increase in 5G era. The top-speed experience in 5G era will break the boundary between short and long videos and bring more possibilities in video forms.

In the future, the science fictions we’ve known will become the reality and all the audiences will become the lead in videos. We can be in the videos to have more experience in person. Thus, the boundary between brands and audiences can be completely broken due to the video as a media.


Such an overturning revolution can help brands get rid of the long process of transformation, making the effects of video advertising instant as advertisers are longing for.

In such a trend of video, no one would survive without videos.

A VR video in one's hands

The core of videos will be humanistic value

When the traffic flow is in geometric growth, advertising will be everywhere. More responsibilities will come as earnings appear in the huge market.

Public service announcements will break out completely when a large amount of idle advertising spaces occur. At this time, the humanistic values in videos will become more important. The creativity can only make resonation with the support from deep humanistic values.

The future is here!

5G era has come. Are you ready to enter the world of science fiction via videos?

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