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Be A Warm Stranger

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Is there any moment, may be at the down of your life, at which you are lightened by a stranger who directs the way with patience, says hello with warmth, or looks at you with a smile?

Those strangers passing by may become vague but a little kindness is a beam of sunshine and a warm strength.

In Australia, the moment like that is very common. You’ll see the smile with a cup of coffee, feel the warmth due to the mutual modesty, and meet a person holding an umbrella for you.

The happiness of living in Australia comes from the kindness of strangers.

Thus, Jia HE Production wants to ask everyone make the world warmer, bringing everyone the sunshine.

Therefore, when planning the video, keeping the door for others is used. This simple act not only shows the kindness but also avoids the possible tragedy.

No matter in which country, there are a lot of injury cases caused by automatic doors. Giving a hand in time becomes the security guarantee for pedestrians.

Different from the community service video we released last week, this video about warm kindness is not presented with humorous scenes but with the reversal by creating a nervous atmosphere at the beginning.

Keep the elevator door for a neighbour, the glass door for a pregnant woman, the iron door for kids. The hand of etiquette creates warm moments for strangers again and again.

This video is also supported by friends and families.

The model holding a shopping bag, Lucia Schurink gave us a fashion show when walking from the elevator.

Jo from Jia HE Production participated in the shooting when she was pregnant.

Now the video has been released while she has given a birth to her second baby.

Two Emilies saying “Thank you” again and again in shooting. Without the company of friends, they could not present so well in the video.

Moreover, Jack and Jia whose hands are shown in this video gave a great performance as the camera crew.

We hope the video can give everyone the warm strength and help everyone transfer the strength.

Thanks to:

Women from the elevator:Lucia Schurink

Pregnant woman: Jo He

Passerby: Jack Xu and Jia He

Kids: Emily He and Emily Young

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