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Left is Always Right in Australia

Why some countries implement the left-hand traffic? It is said that before the end of 18th century, horses, carts, and pedestrians stayed at left for the convenience of getting off the horse and taking out the weapon when facing enemies.

Now, Australia still implements the left-hand traffic. In other words, all the pedestrians, bikes and cars should stay left. If you are a pedestrian, you should look right first. If you are a driver, it is necessary to pay attention not to turn in the wrong side of the road.

Why we make it?

Accidents caused by driving or walking at left happen all the time. When feeling pity, we want to try our best to do something. Thus, we made this public community announcement, “Left is always right in Australia”.

It will never be too much to talk about the security awareness. We wish everyone can know more about the local traffic rules.

Why it’s what it is?

When planning this video, we found people from the most countries are unfamiliar with the left-hand traffic system in Australia. Thus, we decided to make a video about this system to remind the public.

Jia HE Production selected different trip modes, including pedestrians, bikes, and cars to make a better effects. Moreover, we only keep the left world by editing to highlight the rule of left-hand traffic. We believe that the audience can receive the information of “staying left” through the strong visual effects.

If you are a newcomer to Australia, we’d like to remind you to keep left in Australia for safety consideration. Safety is always the most important.

Thanks to

The woman in red: Shasha Yang

Office worker: Jia HE

Models: Lucia Schurink, Diana Gyllén

The family: Belinda Bian, Jia HE, Emily He

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