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Slow Down for Every Superstar

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Many newly arrived people from overseas get confused before they cross the road on pedestrian lines. Who goes first at this place? Am I safe to cross?

Fortunately, in Australia, vehicles stop for pedestrians in front of pedestrian lines. In many other countries overseas, pedestrians have to stop for motor vehicles.

At the same time, many new arrivals have to change the way they drive to comply with Australian laws and regulations and for the safety of people and community.

Accidents caused by the failure to give way still accounts for 25% in Australia. In most cases, drivers may misjudge the environment they are in or feel absent in mind when driving. Tragedies often occur in seconds.

Understanding the difference of cultures and learning local laws and regulations not only helps us to live better, but more importantly, save lives and families! Obeying local laws and regulations should have zero tolerance.

It's to everyone's benefit in the community to help new arrivals learn, understand and obey our road rules, laws and regulations.

Jia HE Production has created a short video to help the community and promote safety when driving through pedestrian lines, with a sense of humour to make it fun to watch, easy to remember, willing to share with new members in our community.

The driver has given way to beautiful model, elderly tourist group, camera crew, "Bruce Lee", and a local mum with a baby and a young girl. They are all super stars on road. Safety always comes first. This public service announcement emphasis the importance of giving way to pedestrians.

Special thanks go to many friends of ours who have supported and helped in making this video possible.

Friends in their 60s have tried their best and worked tirelessly to present in the camera.

Shane, loves performance, acted as the guide of the tourist group and presented the performance with his personal features.

The beautiful model from Indonesia made the catwalk confidently.

The typecast actor of Bruce Lee played the Nun Chucks on the road.

Moreover, the photographer Ethan also took pictures at the scene besides acting as a director in the video.

The mom and the two kids are the wife and children of Jia HE.

The support from friends and families make the film warmer. Jia HE Production wishes to transfer the warmth to wider groups through this video. We believe the vision we have towards the great life will spread among all the people who watch the film.

Special Thanks to

Created by: Jia HE Production

Camera by: Yee Yin, Jack Xu

Edited by: Luna Ma, Vicky Chen

Model: Anggun Syahputri

Tourist group: Kaiyu Shan, Guoxing Guo, Shiqing Zhao, Shuzhen Wang, Qiyou Han

Bruce Lee: Bruce Guo

Camera crew: Ethan Li, Jack Xu, Luna Ma, Zoe Xu

Families: Belinda Bian, Emily He, Adrian He

Driver: Jia HE

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