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Creativity, the magic turning imagination to reality

Creative advertisement of Apple by Lee Clow
Creative Apple

The 76-year-old madman, Lee Clow announced his retirement on this Valentine’s Day and his retirement marks the end of an era.

The most ousiders of advertising industry may be not familiar with the name of Lee, but no one would never miss the slogan, “Think Different”.

When the year 1984 predicted in the novel by George Orwell came, Lee Clow and another madman, Steve Jobs opened a new age with a big hammer. The advertising video of this hammer became the focus in Super Bowl of 1984.

In the decades of career life, Lee Clow created numerous advertising ideas. Advertising is crazy and challenging to Lee, so he said advertising “makes people laugh, or cry, or think”.

In fact, all the great creativities start from a small idea. For example, the Christmas ad of Apple two years ago started from the warmth of Christmas and finally put all the feelings into its product.

To Jia HE Production, creativity is a core. How to present the best creative effects within the limitation of reality is the most difficult part in every project. For this reason, the brainstorm before shooting becomes an important opening.

He looks at her with deep feelings when dancing
Creativity is everything

Before shooting the promo video for Aussia, the team of Jia HE Production brainstormed the ideas according to the product features. Finally, we decided to present the product through a pair of ballet dancers in tacit cooperation

A camera man is shooting a ballet performance
Our team is at the scene

Discussion of ideas is a daily work to our team members, but we have to overturn ourselves again and again when refining ideas as creativity. Only in this way, can the team find the entry point touching the audience.

It is far from enough to form creativity with only the efforts made by crew. Without the support and trust, as well as the opinions and advices from clients, a simple idea can never become a mature video.

During two decades of operation with Steve Jobs, Lee Clow earned the absolute trust from Steve while Lee paid his great creativity in return to define the personality of Apple.

Lee Clow was with Steve Jobs
Lee Clow (left) and Steve Jobs (right)

Jia HE Production is as lucky as Lee Clow in terms of clients. When cooperating with them, we always earn trust and support from them. With the approval of clients, we can realize our creative ideas in every video, making our works increasingly richer.

She looks so pretty as she is happy and relaxed
Diana, shot for Phytologic

No matter in the project of Westpac, Alibaba or Phytologic, every time we communicate with our clients, we polish creative ideas and realise our own growth.

He is missing his families in China when staring at his red long john pants at the seaside of Sydney
Jia HE in the promo video for Tmall

In the project of Alibaba, we discussed and modified our ideas for times to make a satisfied effects. We added the classical plot of “red long john pants” at the scene according to the traditions of Spring Festival. In a humorous way, we deliver the warmth to the audience.

Creativity is never a fantasy, but a magic turning our imagination to reality. Thus, we have to stand on a solid ground to break the restraint of reality.

Thanks to all the clients supporting Jia HE Production, helping us keep forward in the endless road to creativity.

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