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Fast Growing Business in Video Content Marketing in Australia

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Finally, 2019 is here, following a significant year of 2018 for Jia HE Production, when we saw impressive progress we made alongside our customers. The business grew by 300% albeit from a relatively modest start. Nevertheless, it was an excellent year full of achievements to be celebrated and many moments to be remembered.

Among other reasons for the growth, we believe a key factor is the fast-growing importance of video as a part of an overall content marketing strategy. According to 2018 Australia Content Marketing Research published by Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising:

  • 75% companies perceive video as an important part of content marketing, closely following the top choice which is social media posts. It means that marketers from all industries can no longer afford to overlook the importance of video in their marketing content mix.

  • 43% companies believe that video is useful, making video become the third most effective marketing tool when achieving the objectives.

In 2018, Jia HE Production created 80 videos. We provided services from idea generation, story board and script writing, TVC filming, video editing, special effects, through to media channel placement, and worked with clients from diverse industries including real estate, finance, e-commerce, education, healthcare, technology, leisure, and consumer goods.

In 2018, we struck a landmark deal with the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

We told a down-to-earth yet touching story of ordinary Chinese people living in Australia, celebrating the Chinese New Year using Alibaba services. It focuses on one single message of Alibaba helping overseas Chinese feel closer to home. It is simple yet effective to help an influential brand like Alibaba to create a personable image in the Australian ethnic market. With the fast expansion in 2018, Jia He Production is now able to empower accelerated growth for many more clients , be it an established international brand or an explosive start-up.

Another year of Lunar New Year is fast approaching. We had the opportunity to tell another touching story to connect people and business. Watch our video created for Westpac Lunar New Year celebration which will be played across Australia and China. 

Furthermore, Jia HE Production has taken social responsibility to heart. Two years ago, we opened a column “From Ordinary to Extraordinary”, telling stories of ordinary people with extraordinary experiences and achievements to foster a positive attitude among our communities.

To provide an interactive platform to benefit the wider community, Jia HE Production started a WeChat group and invited characters in the stories to share their experiences and values via live show regularly. We held 15 live shows in 2018 and attracted millions of online audiences from Australia and China.

In 2019, Jia HE Production will continue to strive for excellence producing great content in video, image, and text formats. We will carry on with our original intention of telling great stories that lead to our clients’ success.

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