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Do you know how to target the Chinese market? Burberry has failed and you should know the reasons.

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Recently, an advertisement targeting the Chinese market made by the well-known fashion brand, Burberry, has gone viral. In this advertisement, Burberry created a family photo in which all the people look depressed. Surely it's not a suspense blockbuster?

Some loyal customers, however, could still see the premium image this shocking advert is trying to create through their pink lens. After all, it is along the lines of shooting groups of cool models that Burberry is known for.

International brands have made a lot of efforts to enter Chinese market. In fact, Burberry strives for promoting its brand and establishing a good brand image in China by appealing to the Chinese longing for unity. Unfortunately, this advertisement becomes a very typical negative example.

In comparison, the Chinese marketing of the movie Deadpool 2 is much better. It has just hit the screens in China, attracting millions of Chinese audiences with its posters full of Chinese elements.

The PG-13 version of this movie perfectly suitable for the Chinese has become a great family movie during the Spring Festival.

A brand should never hold a superficial understanding of the local culture when entering a foreign market. To the Chinese, unity means the happiness when the whole family get together. The family harmony is the key to such a culture.

However, the family photo taken by Burberry only makes a scene of family gathering but neglects the happiness which is core to the Chinese culture for families.

Jia HE Production has taken a completely different approach when making promo videos.

Jia HE Production used a lot of Chinese elements when making a video for Alibaba. Jia HE Production created an authentic atmosphere of Chinese New Year with every detail from site decoration to plot setting. Thus, a warm video touching every Chinese in Australia was finally presented.

When making the promo film for Westpac this time, Jia HE Production shot the Lion Dance Performance to highlight the hot atmosphere of Spring Festival.

In the last scene at the hall of Westpac, bank staff and all actors got together, appreciating Lion Dance, eating dumplings and collecting lucky money. It is a perfect scene of celebrating Spring Festival for all the Chinese audience.

Due to the thorough understanding into the culture of target market, the marketing manager of Westpac, Cuicui Jin highly appraised Jia HE Production, "The team shows the deep insight of our brand and makes a film in a professional attitude and a warm story. Jia HE Production is the first-class video production company in Australia."

A successful promotion is based on the deep understanding into target audience.

And do you know how to make a great group photo in Chinese style? Let’s see.

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