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Do you believe the power of unconscious influences?

Avengers: Endgame became a headline in all platform before its release, so all the fans are hurry to show their imagination. For example, they put all the Avengers in one video with a loop of traffic safety reminder from The Wandering Earth to make an excellent public service announcement for road safety.

Except the kuso editing, super heroes also appear in the copywriting for public services. Public service announcement emerged as early as in 1940s in many European and American countries. Now, however, the ratio of public service announcement has been up to 40% in America, France, Japan, etc.

An announcement of blood donation featured with Spiderman
An announcement of blood donation featured with Spiderman

Different from the profit orientation in commercial advertisements, public service announcements pay more attention to the positive social values. The early public service announcement tried to give people a lesson like the slogan for safety traffic in The Wandering Earth. But, the current public service announcement has become various. Some are emotional, some are funny, but all of them are leading people think about and pay attention to the social problems.

The public service announcements by Thailand are always made by telling a story. These interesting stories with inversions expose all the serious social problems to the public.

The public service announcements by Taiwan are always full of emotions to resonate with the public on various social problems.

Public service announcements by Australia are always based on a setting to call for changes by describing the interpersonal relation by dialogue and reflecting the social phenomenon.

People define the public service announcements as “the advertising activities to provide free public services without profit”, but the producers of public service announcements are not only government or other non-profit institutions any more as the social influences of many enterprises are increasingly enhancing.

In 2017, Airbnb released a public service announcement in Super Bowl which asks people from different backgrounds be more inclusive with the concept of #weaccept.

As more commercial companies join the production, the creative elements in public service announcements are increasing. These companies often care about social issues based on their product positioning and company culture in the way of public service announcement.

But, people are doubting the role of public service announcements. No matter how impressive a public service announcement is, the change we expect may still not happen.

A public service announcement about environmental issues by Coca Cola
A public service announcement about environmental issues by Coca Cola

Nevertheless, can we do nothing if no one would change due to what we’ve done?

People may smile with understanding, be moved by the story, or have the resonation with a line. A good public service announcement can express an attitude towards the survival or life, helping us unconsciously form a more positive values.

Jia HE is watching you through the cameras

We believe the invisible power of public service announcements like we believe everyone is longing for a better life.

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