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Touching your heart in the way we see the world

Updated: May 6, 2019

In the 91st Academy Award in February, a woman born in Chongqing drew great attention as she was granted with Academy Award for Animated Short Film for her first animation Bao.

This woman who is younger than 30 years old is the first Chinese descent director and also the first female director in Pixar Studio.

Domee Shi, the animation director, held the poster of her Oscar awarded work, Bao
Domee Shi and Bao

This short animation less than 8 minutes is full of Chinese elements. This film is composed of a representative Chinese food, bun, an ordinary family, a dark story about the relationship between parents and children.

Surprisingly but not accidentally, this Chinese-featured animation is acknowledged by the Western mainstream media.

No matter in what society, the relationship between parents and children is always worth being noticed. The consideration into the family bound also makes people consistently think about education. In the animation, Bao, questions are prosed to audience to resonate audience with their feelings.

Cute Bao is leaning at the edge of a steaming pot.
Poster of Bao

Like Domee Shi said, “A story is not only about one culture or one nation. Asian culture can also be universal and it has more similarities with other cultures than we can imagine.”

Jia HE Production also found that the general emotional elements can resonate among audience with different cultural backgrounds in all scenarios. When we explore Chinese market for Australian clients or expand Australian market for Chinese clients, we will all find such emotional elements according to their demands.

Recently, we invited four girls who are all from different countries as the actresses in a promo video for Phytologic.

Although they have different skin colours and cultural backgrounds, they all have pursuit to beauty and passion for life. With such common elements, we make resonance among women when delivering the values of the product.

The key in video making is not the elements used in it but the feelings and values the audience can receive.

With such feelings, Jia HE Production continuously try new ways to find the true spiritual core of a product or a brand and then express it through our camera.

A videographer is shooting the scene that four girls from China, Australia, Russia, etc. having a joyful chat.
We are at the scene

We always say that cultural difference is a huge gap but, in the view of Jia HE Production, such a difference is also a brand new way to see the world.

Therefore, camera becomes alive in our hands to tell you more stories.

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